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BestHealth4U is a company dedicated to the research and development of advanced solutions for companies that produce class 1 medical devices.

Bio2Skin was the first technology developed and is a biomedical adhesive.

The technology can be used in medical devices as ostomy bags , drug delivery patches, wearable medical devices and wound care patches.

Its flexible, transparent, provokes less dermatitis and ease to apply using the current impregnation technologies.

Our Goals


Ensure max satisfaction of the client, reach notoriety for the Excellency of the produced investigation, and being a company of reference in the international market of medical advices.


Development products in the areas of science of life and health, considered of MD class 1, on proposing a set of better qualities in health and life of its users, reduction of cost, management of ambient resources, and the possibility of our public target utilize a product more efficient and effective.

Ethics and trust

Compromise a create values based in relationships of ethics and trust.


Capability of adaptation of the necessities of is consumers.


Development of materials an innovative products of High quality.


Maintain an attitude of constant innovation and predict the necessities and offer solutions differentiating on the market.

Frugality and efficiency

Optimize and utilize the resources and maximize his return, maintain a profile of frugality and making his focus on action of efficiency.

Latest News

  Wound healing is a clinical problem, that is rising over the years, that is affected by age and multi-morbidity, which is when someone has two or more chronic conditions that affect their quality of life. This morbidity increases the risk of developing wounds and are extrinsic factors, however, there are also intrinsic factors that […]

Children are being affected by chronic skin diseases, and atopic dermatitis is a very common one. Its diagnosis has been rising, being about 10 to 20% of the pediatric population in Europe and affecting up to 20% of children worldwide. Despite not being a life-threatening condition is an important topic to address, because it can […]

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, being a physical barrier against harmful substances, so keeping its integrity is very important for our health. However, our skin is compromised a lot of times, due to a variety of reasons, being one of them due to medical adhesives. Medical adhesives provide numerous functions, […]


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