Founder and CEO

Sónia Ferreira

Sónia has a MBA and demonstrated experience in several entrepreneurial projects. She also holds a MSc Biomedical Engineering with specialisation in Clinical Engineering and Medical Instrumentation by the University of Lisbon. Her skills in company management, business vision and proactive thinking make her the ideal leader to motivate the team and connect the product value with the market needs.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Nélson Oliveira

His PhD studies at the MIT Portugal program of University of Minho focused on the development of new polymer-based materials. Further accumulated experience in product development range several fields, from automotive engineering to medical biotechnology. His expertise in polymer science combined with his dynamic out-of-the-box thinking led to the creation of Bio2Skin.

Business Developer

Ana V. Ferreira

Vanessa holds a PhD in Biological and Chemical Engineering, specialisation in Health Biotechnology, by University of Minho. Her work focused on medical dressings and devices, including R&D, in vitro and ex vivo validation studies, product regulation and their introduction into the market. Her communication skills and scientific knowledge allow her to bridge the technology and business needs.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Luís Barbosa

Luís holds a Master in Accounting and Finance. In the last 10 years, he created several businesses, including Luís Barbosa Unipessoal, TouchNtalk, Aspersave Lda, Business Skills and Movement YES – Young Entrepreneurs Solutions. His accounting skills and passion for innovation provide the ideal financial strategy for the company’s vision.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Prof Estevão Lima

To his 30 years of experience in surgery and clinical R&D, adds up the fact that he is also a pioneer and an innovator with internationally recognition has shown by 5 patents and 16 research awards. Prof Estevão Lima is the coordinator of urology in José de Mello Saúde and the Director of Urology at the Hospital of Braga, giving him a broad insight into the current medical needs.


Nick Pope, MBA

Market strategy advisor

Quinton Fivelman, PhD

Business developer advisor

Ted Parton, PhD

Translation medicine advisor

Felicity Sartain, PhD

Commercialisation advisor

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