Bio2Skin Advanced

Where Comfort Meets Healing

Bio2Skin Advanced is a revolutionary leap in medical adhesives. Unlike conventional solutions that often bring discomfort and skin issues, Bio2Skin Advanced guarantees secure attachment while nurturing skin health.
With its specialized adhesive base, enriched with bioactive compounds, Bio2Skin Advanced stands as a bulwark against Medical Adhesive-Related Skin Injuries (MARSI).


Bio2Skin Advanced is the next-generation product from BestHealth4U that builds upon the groundbreaking technology of our first product, Bio2Skin designed to disrupt the current concept of skin attachment. Our innovative approach leverages the natural features of the dermis, establishing a strong bond that provides unrivaled adhesion. Building on this foundation, Bio2Skin Advanced takes it a step further by incorporating an advanced adhesive material for transdermal patches. Through its strong connection with the water molecules of the skin, this material enables the release of compounds, unlocking a new route for medication administration.

One of the key advantages of transdermal drug delivery is its painless and non-invasive nature, resulting in improved bioavailability and reduced side effects. Bio2Skin Advanced tackles the challenges faced by transdermal drug delivery, particularly in ensuring the efficient delivery of hydrophilic drugs, peptides, and macromolecules that traditionally face limitations in penetrating the skin.

With Bio2Skin Advanced, BestHealth4U continues its mission to revolutionize the medical industry and redefine the standards of patient care. Experience the advancements in transdermal drug delivery with our innovative adhesive solution, providing a controlled, constant, and continuous input of drugs to patients for multi-day and prolonged therapies.

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