The EIC pilot Business Acceleration Services selected BH4U, amongst a full range of other competitive start-ups, to present Bio2Skin technology in Paris on the 27th of November.

This participation was a great opportunity to liase with L’Oréal and to discuss the groundbreaking technology of Bio2Skin adhesive with the world experts in skin care.

L’Oréal is positioning itself in the market of skin patches, foreseen with the recent launches of the UV Patch, in 2018, and Skin Track pH earlier this year. These devices are wearable products to be attached to the skin in order to sense alterations and communicate them to the user. This is an expanding market as seen by examples in the areas of diabetes management, cardiac devices and medical patient monitoring.

Bio2Skin poses an excellent solution to be incorporated in these kind of wearables as it effectively attaches, tenderly cares and naturally respects the skin features.