Learn about how clinical trials are conducted

March 12, 2021


You probably already heard about clinical trials, but you might have been hesitant to participate in one. Don’t worry, we will clarify in this post about how clinical trials are conducted, what are the different phases of clinical trials and the benefits of volunteer in one.

Have you ever thought about the fact that in every disease prevention and innovative treatments there was a lot of volunteers that participated in clinical trials? Probably you wouldn’t be that healthy if it wasn’t because of that people’s initiative!

But what are clinical trials?
Clinical trials are research studies performed in people to find out if a new treatment, drug or medical device is safe and effective.

However, there are a lot of phases in a clinical trial, and they are only done after a lot of laboratory tests and animal studies, that show favorable results and are approved to be tested in humans.

The first phase of a clinical trial consists of experiments done in a small group of health people, so the research group can evaluate the safety and side effects. The second phase uses more people and focus on the effectiveness of the treatment, meaning tests are made in people with a certain disease or condition. The third phase gathers more information and studies various populations and dosages. If the results of this phase are positive, they will be approved for the next phase. The last phase allows tests to be done in a larger population for a longer period, so researchers can have great proof of the treatment’s efficacy.

It’s important to notice that these studies have very strict regulations, and each trial is monitored by a lot of experts. People usually are reluctant about participating in clinical trials, but did you know that you are just likely to experience side effects from a clinical trial as from medication already approved? Furthermore, clinical trials can help to find new treatment options for diseases that you or your family might have in the future or have at the moment.

So, if you never thought about volunteering in a clinical trial, you can find
about what is currently being done in https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ .



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